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Dear compatriots of New Caledonia,

On September 24, the anniversary of New Caledonia’s reunification with France and a few days away from a decisive consultation to which you are called, I wanted to address each and every one of you.

Once again, on October 4, you will have to choose between France or independence. This choice engages your future but also that of our Nation.

I know how much France has always known how to count on you, French from New Caledonia. In this anniversary year of General de Gaulle, I cannot forget his words illustrating the courage of the Caledonian volunteers to defend our Nation in the darkest hours of the war of 39-45.
This Caledonian courage, I know it has not left you. Your elders, who knew how to reject the oppression and enslavement of France, were the supporters of the NO from the start.

I want to tell you at this time of the deep attachment that our political family has for you. We know here that at the antipodes of the metropolis, in the Pacific, the small Caledonian homeland vibrates with the colors of our great common homeland, France. You are an integral part of the French people to which we care.

On October 4, I express the wish that, like the referendum of November 4, 2018, a majority of you will again choose that the fate of New Caledonia and that of the French Republic remain inseparable.

Your NO to independence on October 4th is also our NO.

The whole history of New Caledonia pleads for a shared and respectful future. Separating the fate of Caledonia from that of France would be a failure for the whole of the French people, a step backwards, destroying the dream that has built the last thirty years.

Finally, I want to tell you, beyond this consultation which opposes and divides the Caledonians, we want more than ever that the path to a peaceful future will be offered to the children of Caillou. They come from different origins, in this unique multiculturality which gratifies France. We must live up to their legitimate expectations. Our political family will be at your side to find the way for the future of New Caledonia within a French Republic which must protect the unique personality and identity of our “Southern France”.

In these important moments for your future, for our future, be assured of the solidarity and unfailing support of our political family.

Christian JACOB
President of the Republicans

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