#FRAPoli: Rachida Dati: “We are the first party in France” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris and member of the Republicans strategic council, was a guest of France Inter.

She questions the consistency of the security policy pursued by the government: “When you conduct a security policy, you have to have a direction. If you want to dismantle drug trafficking, you have to put in place a coordinated policy: social services, the tax authorities … This coordinated policy is not being carried out in our country. It is important to have a firmness in the face of laxity. ”

The government does not fight against separatism and communitarianism: “Separatism has never been so strong in our country. We go from hindsight to hindsight: from compromise to compromise. “Faced with this scourge,” the government is weak. It suits Mr. Macron who hopes to face Marine Le Pen. ”

The presidential party is in difficulty: “The Republic En Marche loses the by-elections, every day, members resign from the party. The République En Marche is in a state of total decomposition. We are the leading party in France: in terms of activists and in terms of elected officials. With regard to the French, the militants, the French, we need clarity and consistency. ”

We carry values ​​that are not carried by other movements: Rachida Dati “assumes to be right: to be for authority, respect for the environment, for security, for the reduction of inequalities, for the recognition of merit and work… ”

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