#FRAPoli: Eric Ciotti: “Emmanuel Macron refuses to say that the problem is Islamism! ” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli



Eric Ciotti, deputy for Alpes-Maritimes and chairman of the national investiture commission, was the guest of Europe 1.

He calls for the issue of unaccompanied minors to be dealt with by the government: “Today, we cannot assess their age. There are too many bogus minors and we don’t bother to detect and expel them! Let’s say to safe countries of origin: Take back and take care of your minors! These countries must take care of their nationals, France cannot accept everyone. ”

One of the ways to find out the age of asylum seekers is to perform a bone test. This must be made compulsory: “I have been asking for bone tests for years, but like François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron refuses these tests. There is continuity on migration and security issues between these two Presidents. ”

He accuses the President of the Republic of being naïve in the face of migration issues: “The flaw lies in the naivety of our country which welcomes 2 million legal immigrants in 5 years under Emmanuel Macron. We are told about the fight against separatism, but if we do not stop migratory flows we will not stop communitarianism! ”

The President lacks the political will to fight radical Islamism: “Emmanuel Macron takes the time to comment on the Lebanese political situation but refuses to react to the Islamist attack in front of the former Charlie Hebdo premises! ”

He does not even dare to mention the term radical Islamism: “Speaking of separatism, President Macron refuses to say that the problem is Islamism! It is Islamism that is attacking us, it is Islamism that we must fight, that we must destroy! “.

Criminal policy must also be firm: “a foreigner convicted in France who violates the republican pact, who violates asylum, must be expelled! “In addition,:” between 2018 and 2020, 2,260 Islamists came out of our prisons! Let’s reform the constitution to allow safe detention against these Islamists leaving prison. Protect the French! ”

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