#FRAPoli: Eric Woerth: “We will not vote on the budget” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Éric Woerth, deputy for Oise, chairman of the finance committee of the National Assembly and member of the strategic council of our movement, was a guest of Public Senate.

The government has no clear line on public spending: “We will not vote on the budget. We are a responsible opposition, we made a lot of proposals. The lack of visibility at a time when we need to clarify the future is not there “.

The finance bill is not sufficiently far-sighted and is not precise enough on the financing: “we could have, around the finance bill, grafted two scenarios: a scenario in which the crisis continues and a where it fades. Which would have made it possible to see how things are financed. ”

For the chairman of the finance committee of the National Assembly, the government must make reforms: “it ends its mandate in 18 months and it is not making structural reforms. ”

Éric Woerth also evokes “separatism”: “we must toughen things up. We will see what the President of the Republic says, if it is not the umpteenth law, a new text that will be applied halfway … It’s crazy what France repeats to herself, France stutters all the time. We cannot have the same debates for 10 or 15 years. We cannot ask ourselves the same questions all the time. ”

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