#CanPoli: If Justin Trudeau wants an election, he should have the courage to call it himself – #CDNPoli

OTTAWA – On Wednesday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made it clear that if Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government want to send Canadians into an election, he should tell Canadians the truth about it. He should not hide behind opposition parties who are working to get the answers people deserve and the help they need. From the beginning of the pandemic, New Democrats have been focused on fighting for people.

“COVID cases are rising. People are worried about their jobs, their kids and the health of their loved ones in long-term care. But Justin Trudeau is putting the interest of his party ahead of the needs of people across Canada,” said Singh. “Trying to cause an election while hiding behind the opposition parties shows how out-of-touch Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are and how focused they are on themselves and their wealthy friends. We’re focused on fighting for people.”

After the NDP proposed an opposition-lead committee to look into Liberal government misspending, including the WE scandal and others, the Conservatives brought a similar motion to the House of Commons for a vote. For the first time in history, the Prime Minister declared this motion to create a committee a matter of confidence and that there would be an election if it passed.

Justin Trudeau added one more tactic to all of the tools he’s used to keep parliament from getting answers about how their friends have benefitted from government spending. They shut down Parliament, they shut down committees, and now they are willing to call an election to stop Canadians from getting answers.

“We think the threat to call an election over an opposition day motion to set up a committee is ridiculous and out-of-touch with what Canadians are facing. The Prime Minister always has the power to call an election. It’s clear that he wants an election now to hold onto power, before the pandemic gets worse,” added Singh. “Instead of hiding behind a vote about a committee, he should have the courage to tell Canadians that he thinks there should be an election now. We won’t let him go to an election on the backs of people. We’ll keep fighting to deliver for people.”

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