#CanPoli: NDP: Enough with empty words, Liberals must stand up for Canadians – #CDNPoli

Ashton calls on the Liberal government to do what’s right and make airlines refund Canadians who saw their flights cancelled because of COVID-19

OTTAWA – As U.S. clients of Air Canada turn to the courts to get a refund, NDP Transport Critic Niki Ashton questions the inaction of the Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau.

Air Canada clients with flights in the European Union have already received refunds, after regulations adopted by the EU made it mandatory for airlines to offer refunds. Canadian Transport Agency’s statement on vouchers on the other hand gave Canadian airlines a green light to issue travel credits instead, hurting people needing their money back in the process, a decision the Minister claims to have no influence over.

“The Government’s failure to ensure passengers get their money back is turning into an international embarrassment,” said Ashton in Question Period. “Instead of standing up for people this Liberal government keeps pretending there’s nothing they can do. This is not true. Why is this government dithering?”

The NDP has been pressuring the government to mandate airlines to issue refunds since March, as well as to include it in any financial support package to the air transport industry.

“Canadian consumers and workers are looking for help and this government is nowhere to be seen,” said Ashton. “From airlines, to workers, to passengers – all are frustrated with Canada’s Transport Minister’s excuses. They shouldn’t have to look outside our borders for solutions.”

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