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As long as there is only one left.

As long as there is only one victim in our country, politicians will have to mobilize all their strength and means to eradicate this scourge of violence within the family.

As long as there is only one victim in our country, voices will have to rise with the force of indignation to keep our minds awake and never give in to habit or fate.

As long as there is only one victim in our country, we will have to reform our judicial institution, train our law enforcement agencies, educate our children from an early age. So much more than we do today.

As long as there is only one victim in our country, we must demand that all the necessary budgetary means be devoted to this fight. The display of budgets, which in reality are mostly fictitious or partial, has become unbearable. We will not fight with slogans, “Grenelle” without a future or political complacency. We will fight by moving from talk to action. Really.

As long as there is only one victim in our country, we must ensure that the resources devoted to this fight are sustainable.

How can you restrain your anger when, as a deputy from my country, I see that 40% of the budget intended for financing anti-rapprochement bracelets, for which I have worn and had a law voted unanimously, are mobilized on only an experimental fund? , and not firmly registered in the budget of the Nation

How can we not be outraged by noting that the creation of supervision centers for perpetrators of violence, promised for more than a year by the Government and Marlène Schiappa, have still not been deployed in each region?

How can we not be insurgent by noting that in reality, no credit is budgeted to finance these important projects, in total contradiction with the falsely assured statements of the current Minister of Justice?

As long as there is only one victim in our country, we will have to fight to ensure that the measures enshrined in the law to better protect victims are fully and immediately implemented. Let’s make sure they’re not just words.

How to support, unless you are already resigned, that the anti-rapprochement bracelet, an effective tool to neutralize the most violent, is still not generalized throughout the national territory, almost a year after the entry into force of our Law in the matter? To date, only five jurisdictions in France are “experimenting” with this system. Let’s be clear: less than 5% of jurisdictions currently have them!

As long as there is only one victim in our country, we will not have the right to be satisfied with the policy of small steps. While feminicides increased by 21% in 2019, the policy of small steps is that of resigned cowardice. And this cowardice resembles neither the idea we should have of commitment, nor the values ​​of France, nor the demands of the Republic.

As long as there is only one victim left in our country, we will have to denounce, raise awareness, not be satisfied with a pin worn on the back of our jackets, as the “marketed” expression of our helplessness. We will have to be ambitious, courageous and determined to stem this tide that has something to be ashamed of. More than ever.

As long as there remains a single victim in our country, a single woman, a single man, a single child marked for life by the humiliations, the unacceptable guilt, the despondency and the most violent beatings, we must put ourselves in order of battle.

In 1945, the political leaders around General de Gaulle became aware of the rise in brutality and abuse of children. They were determined to create a jurisdiction dedicated to this violence and to the protection of the youngest. Specialized, more efficient, faster, transversal, the Children’s Judge will be a big step forward. Why would France not rediscover the audacity of 45 by founding, as with our Spanish neighbors, a specialized court, combining civil and criminal justice, to act quickly and protect effectively?

For some who will read me, my firm tone will be perceived as impatience, intransigence. Basically, France is doing “what she can”. It should be “content”. I want to say it bluntly here: my anger will be extinguished the day our country is fully up to this fight. Not before. Not halfway. For each of these victims, there was no “halfway” or “small step”. There was death, and for the children, the injury for life.

It is on a path as difficult as this that Politics, our Nation and its powerful values, can rediscover their meaning, their hope and a great raison d’être.

I had this feeling of a battle fought and won when on October 16, the law that I brought to the National Assembly was passed unanimously. This law made the anti-reconciliation bracelet widespread, reduced the issuance of protection orders to six days against more than thirty days, made the suspension of parental authority or the allocation of housing to the victim the rule. But this feeling of a battle won is not enough. We must win the war. A war which, in France, has claimed 121 victims in 2018, 149 in 2019 and 82 since the start of 2020.

As long as we have the strength to be indignant, demand better law enforcement, demand reforms and actions, demand financial means, there will be hope of winning this war. This is my hope and I wish it was yours too.

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