#FRAPoli: Violence against women: “Slowly, our society is losing a battle that is nevertheless within its reach” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

On this Wednesday, November 25, the international day for combating violence against women, there is more than ever an urgent need to protect the too many victims in our country.

Far from empty words and “Grenelle” without a future, “The great cause of the five-year term” is little by little forgotten by the government and with it, the abandoned victims.

Faced with this resignation, we therefore think of these women who face endless suffering on a daily basis. Slowly, our society is losing a battle within its reach, through blindness and cowardice.

This resignation is in no way our idea of ​​the commitment, the demands of the Republic and the values ​​of France.

As long as it takes, our political family will lead this fight. Every day, in the exercise of their mandate, parliamentarians and local elected representatives of the Republicans commit to preventing this violence and helping the women and children who are victims of it.

As long as there is only one victim in our country, we will not cease to be outraged, to demand better application of the law, to demand the necessary financial and human resources, to call for reforms and clear acts such as that the generalization on the national territory of anti-rapprochement bracelets or the creation of centers of supervision of the perpetrators of violence.

Faced with this silent threat, we must act with courage and determination, reform our judicial institution, train our law enforcement agencies, educate our children from an early age.

More than ever, the Republic must protect.


Sophie Gaugain, Aurélien Pradié, Laurence Arribagé, Valérie Beauvais, Alexandra Borchio- Fontimp, Constance de Pélichy, Sophie Primas, Ian Boucard, Julien Dive, Jean-Jacques Ferrara, Guillaume Guérin, David Margueritte, Philippe Paul

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