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Dear friends, dear friends,

On Tuesday, December 8, we held our fourth national convention devoted to work, businesses and purchasing power, hosted by Guillaume Peltier, deputy vice-president of the Republicans, Annie Genevard, president of the National Council and Sophie Gaugain, deputy general secretary.

The debates were rich and fascinating in the presence of many parliamentarians very familiar with these economic topics and three recognized guests: Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, François Asselin, president of the CPME and François Lenglet, economic journalist.

On this occasion, we put forward our first 14 proposals to get out of the crisis and reconcile economic recovery and social justice in the long term.

1. Reduce VAT from 10% to 5.5% for hotels and restaurants.
2. Create a system of access to work for young people.
3. Fight against waste and increase food aid.
4. Convert part of the State Guaranteed Loans (PGE) granted to SMEs into equity in order to save them from bankruptcy.
5. Create a relocation tax credit with an exemption from corporate tax for three years for companies that decide to relocate their activity in France.
6. Create a French sovereign fund to mobilize private savings and invest in strategic sectors.
7. Establish local priority in public procurement.
8. Allow companies to set themselves, through an internal referendum, the working time they will apply (35 to 40 hours per week).
9. Drastically simplify the Labor Code and ensure that no national standard is more binding than European standards.
10. Cut employer contributions on all wages by 25 billion euros and eliminate the tax on family businesses.
11. Increase the net salary of 90% of households by 5% by halving the CSG on work.
12. Tax and exempt social charges weighing on participation and profit-sharing.
13. Conditioning the payment of the RSA to at least 10 hours per week of activity of general interest.
14. Promote access to property for low-rent housing tenants by experimenting with the sale by social landlords of 5% of social housing each year.

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