#CanPoli: Canadians were better off because New Democrats were there to fight for them – #CDNPoli

OTTAWA — On day three of the 2021 NDP Convention, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh delivered his address to delegates where he laid out his plan to keep fighting for Canadians. He talked about how New Democrats had to fight to force the Liberals to deliver the help people needed during the pandemic. And how while Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were content to do the bare minimum, New Democrats fought for more help for more people faster.

“This pandemic made it difficult for people across the country,” said Singh. “Indigenous people, women, racialized people, and seniors in long-term care have been disproportionally impacted by COVID-19. Canadians needed help and the NDP fought to deliver the supports they needed in this pandemic like paid sick leave, increasing the wage subsidy to 75% and doubling financial help for families. The Liberals are not in it for people, but the ultra-rich. At every opportunity, the Liberals sided with big corporations and the ultra-rich.”

The Liberals sided with big pharma when they chose to vote against the NDP’s bill to implement universal pharmacare to help Canadians afford their prescription medication. They sided with the ultra-rich when they voted against a wealth-tax on those who profited off the pandemic. When the evidence was clear that more people died in for-profit long-term care, the Liberals refused to remove profits out of the care of our loved ones.

“The Liberals wanted to make it seem like they cared, but when it came down to choices, they didn’t choose you and your family,” said Singh. “Liberals chose to protect big pharma instead of implementing universal pharmacare. They chose to protect profits instead of removing profits out of long-term care. They refused to make the ultra-rich pay their fair share. While the Liberals choose to work for their friends and the ultra-rich, we are in it for you.”

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