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On July 15, the Court of Justice of the European Union rendered a judgment on the working time of soldiers in connection with a dispute between a Slovenian soldier and his hierarchy.

The Court affirmed on this occasion that the soldiers of the European Union are subject to the same labor law as any worker, except in cases where they are in training, in operation or during serious exceptional events.

This decision does not respect the French constitutional principle which gives the Head of State ” the free disposal of the armed force “, Nor does it respect the Treaty of the European Union which affirms that” national security remains the sole responsibility of each member state » (article 4).

It threatens our internal security by risking disorganizing our gendarmerie; it threatens the effectiveness of our armies by undermining the principle of availability at any time and in any place which guarantees our military effectiveness.

The President of the Republic himself solemnly recalled in his speech of July 13, 2019 at the Hôtel de Brienne ” that there is no need to compromise with the requirement of availability at all times and in all places which is the corollary of the constitutional principle of free disposal of the armed forces ».

The decision of the Court of Justice does not simply ignore the unique profession of the military and those who support them. It takes no account of the special status of French military defense in Europe. It constitutes a serious and unacceptable attack on our national sovereignty.

Following this decision of the Court of Justice, the Ministry of the Armed Forces declared “ check how this is expressed in French regulations “. But, faced with the gravity of such a decision and the threats it represents in the future for our sovereignty, France cannot stop there.

The Republicans solemnly ask the President of the Republic to denounce the decision of the Court of Justice, which goes beyond its powers, in order to remove any ambiguity and to reaffirm France’s refusal to compromise with the requirement of availability of its armies anytime, anywhere.

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