LIGA - Coutinho's future encourage many teams, where will he go?

© photo Daniele Mascolo/PhotoViews

Philippe Coutinho could leave Barcelona in this transfer window. The Brazilian wants to find the right continuity after a really frustrating period: according to Sport, the former Inter Milan player could return to Liverpool, but Everton and Wolverhampton also like the player.

No official offers have been delivered at the moment, but a return to the Premier League could be the best solution for both sides. Tottenham also seems to have taken an interest in the Brazilian, who, however, costs a lot (Barcelona paid him € 120M) and will not be easy to sell.

Exactly for this there may be another option in his future: stay in Blaugrana to redeem himself. In the past, Ronald Koeman has shown confidence in the Brazilian player, also making him play as a starter at the beginning of the season. So, in case of a missed farewell, he could find space in Barcelona, ​​now without Messi.