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#FRAPoli: Rachida Dati: “Little by little, this city broke up” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

While the return of the right began last weekend, Rachida Dati had not yet expressed himself. The mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris believes that “there is no obvious candidacy” on the right and would like her party to give up the primary. In January, it will be necessary to count on her, she said, in support of a candidate, whom she hopes “unique”, from the right and from the center.

Emmanuel Macron is going to Marseille this Wednesday to talk, among other things, about settling scores against a background of drug trafficking. Are you concerned about the situation?

Marseille has long been the symbol of successful French diversity. Wherever we come from, we first felt Marseille. Little by little this city broke up: entire neighborhoods were abandoned and completely left aside by elected officials. The inhabitants, associations, women’s networks, mothers of families who denounced the degradation of living conditions and the explosion of drug trafficking, have never been heard. Parallel economies have developed, from drug trafficking to arms trafficking and human trafficking.

The mayor (PS) of Marseille Benoît Payan asks for a special public prosecutor’s office for his city …

Special parquet, what does that mean? I would be in favor of a prosecutor’s office dedicated to the fight against drugs that would include French magistrates and magistrates from countries that supply drugs that arrive on our territory, in particular those around the Mediterranean. These magistrates would rely on equally mixed investigative services. Regarding the applicable criminal procedure, a distinction must be made between sellers and consumers. Regarding the sellers, we should use against drug traffickers the methods that have proven effective in combating terrorism. Such as faster foreclosures, detention and security measures after convictions, infiltration, and devices allowing returnees to collaborate.

Some elected officials, on the right and on the left, believe that the legalization of cannabis could help stem the problems associated with trafficking. Are you in favor of it?

I am not in favor of it, but the debate must take place in a non-Manichean way. It is too serious a subject to place people in the reactive or lax category. The priority is to have a real national plan to fight addictions and to put an end to the hypocrisy concerning membership, which is now necessary before starting any detoxification process. When you are totally addicted to a drug that destroys you, you no longer have free will. Membership is a lure. It is vital to be able to hospitalize drug addicts under duress in dedicated places.

In this return, the right is agitated by the question of the primary. Should it be maintained?

What are we talking about ? It is still a question of leading the fifth power in the world. There is a strong symbolism in this election. I regret that a certain number of the declared candidates for the primary play something other than the presidential election. What strikes me is that we do not learn from our experience and our past mistakes concerning the primary: hatred, divisions, slingshots. I call on my political family to close the hypothesis of the primary.

How does the right to choose its candidate then?

This is the difficulty. Emmanuel Macron, like other candidates, will declare himself later. I don’t understand our rush. We are only in August. I would rather be in favor of everyone campaigning and ending up behind a single candidate in January.

Are you not afraid of the mess this could create?

Because you think the primary is not going to make a mess? Even the left doesn’t want it anymore. Whether it is François Hollande who was unable to represent himself or François Fillon, all those who went through the primary ended badly.

“We’ll see in January,” you say. Based on polls?

It is said that polls do not make elections. Okay, but we’re watching them! They help to give a temperature. But what will count will be the strength and dynamism of the campaign, the ability to embody and give confidence to the French in the future.

Who will you support?

To date, there is no obvious candidacy. I will support and campaign for the sole candidate of the right and the center.

Xavier Bertrand, who refuses the primary, ensures that he is best placed to bring his family together today. He is right ?

A candidate who refuses dialogue with other potential candidates and his political family would not live up to this presidential election. To win, everyone must submit to collective rules to have a single candidate. Failing that, activists, voters and the French will turn their backs on them.

Do you think Eric Zemmour has a space on the right?

The stake is not candidates for testimony but the presidential election and the future of France.

By January, what role do you assign yourself?

I will campaign on our ideas, on our vision! The Republicans have a plan.

Would your rival Anne Hidalgo make a good candidate for the left?

The left is anyway politically disqualified because it does not meet the expectations of the French on two major subjects of security and immigration. For the whole of the country, I don’t want these subjects not to be taken care of, as in Paris.

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