Tuesday , September 28 2021

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#WorldPoli: Timeline of Events on 9/11 – #WorldPolitics

Here is a timeline detailing the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, when members of the militant Islamist terrorist group al-Qaida launched coordinated attacks against the United States. . Source link

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#UKPoli: Time to get a move on with special events on roads review, says Muir – #UKPolitics

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Andrew Muir MLA has criticised the Department for Infrastructure’s failure to respond to the review of special events on roads legislation prior to COVID-19 restrictions being eased. The Assembly passed legislation in 2017 giving local authorities the power to approve the closure of roads for holding special …

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#FRAPoli: Damien Abad: “The government is overtaken by events” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Damien Abad, deputy for Ain, president of the Republican group in the National Assembly and member of the strategic council of our movement, was a guest of the Public Senate. The government does not know how to manage the health crisis: “after the fiasco of the masks in March, we …

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