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#USPolitics: FreedomWorks Foundation Submits Comments on Pharmaceutical Merger Guidelines – #USPoli

WASHINGTON, D.C.– This past week, FreedomWorks Foundation and activists from 25 states filed comments before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Along with its international counterparts, the Justice Department, and state attorneys general, the FTC requested public input on evaluating pharmaceutical mergers. Steve Moore, FreedomWorks Senior Economist, commented: Source link

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#USPolitics: Bad Science Plagues Federal Dietary Guidelines – #USPoli

Every five years, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) — a commission of 20 “nationally recognized experts” in nutrition and dietary health — releases a report outlining the federal government’s dietary guidelines. These guidelines are intended to provide an empirical dietary recommendation for American’s based on the best available science. …

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#UKPoli: Ed Davey’s response to the new coronavirus guidelines – #UKPolitics

People across this country have endured terrible hardships over the past six months: losing loved ones, losing livelihoods and isolating from friends and family. People are angry to see their hard work and sacrifices utterly wasted by the incompetence of Boris Johnson. That’s why people are so angry to see …

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