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#FRAPoli: Christian Jacob: “We will not be able to meet the climate challenge without the contribution of research and innovation” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

The president of the Les Républicains party calls, in a forum in the “World”, to bet on technology, rather than on degrowth, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The latest IPCC report confirms that the ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets brandished as victories in 2015 are proving unattainable and …

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#UKPoli: Bradshaw: Terms of Reference for research into historical clerical child abuse taking too long – #UKPolitics

Alliance Party MLA Paula Bradshaw has said she is disappointed after it was revealed the Terms of Reference for research into Historical Clerical Child Abuse have not been signed off to date. The MLA for South Belfast questioned the Executive Office on Monday, when it became clear the Terms of …

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